A Mass Effect MMO would have a lot of potential

ByJose A. York

May 9, 2022

With four games already under his belt and a fourth on the way, the Mass Effect franchise shows no signs of stopping. While some games took the series in a new direction, none opened up the formula in a major way. To date, all Mass Effect the games have been single-player, and although mainline entries have some elements of multiplayer, that was never a goal. With Mass Effect 4 on the horizon, this trend seems to continue, and while most fans will be happy with it, there is a contingent that thinks an MMO would be perfect for the game. Mass Effect universe.


BioWare already has experience with MMOs through games like Star Wars: The Old Republic showing that the studio is more than capable of creating a compelling online world. With a range of different species to play, a variety of roles to pursue, and unique ships to traverse the galaxy, it’s easy to see how Star Wars: The Old Republic lays the foundation for what a Mass Effect MMORPG might look like.

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Open the Mass Effect world

The Mass Effect The universe already has many ingredients that would make a first class MMO. With many races that each have their own histories and cultural quirks, warring factions with opposing ideals, planets to explore, and a variety of roles to play, players have a lot to do and learn. While the original trilogy games let players visit a number of worlds, there’s still plenty to see across the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy is also practically a blank slate, with Mass Effect: Andromeda focusing only on the Heleus cluster. It makes more sense for a Mass Effect MMOs will be set in the established systems of the Milky Way, but that doesn’t mean Andromeda won’t offer some exciting possibilities as well.

Hub worlds like the Citadel would be an ideal focal point, with players able to gather and socialize in a peaceful, bustling environment before venturing out to wilder worlds beyond. If a Mass Effect The MMO was created after the Reaper threat was neutralized, or before it became a pressing issue, players would be free to explore the Milky Way and investigate all of its myriad challenges and mysteries, as well as to discover the dynamics Mass Effect world in more detail. Its thriving universe opens up opportunities for great multiplayer moments, as well as role-playing aspects as players get to experience the Mass Effect world outside of Shepard’s global mission.

In addition to establishing a base in the Citadel, the Mass Effect The universe offers places like the chaotic Omega or homeworlds like Thessia. Players may also want to strike out on their own and establish new colonies in less populated areas of the galaxy. Needless to say, there are plenty of exploration options, both from different cultures and established cities, as well as outlying locations that might present more challenges.

Create a unique Mass Effect character

While Commander Shepard remains a legendary and beloved character, their presence limited the story of the original trilogy given how much of the narrative focused on them. Players may have been able to customize their appearance, choose their class, and participate in choosing their story, but the character was already established in all the ways that mattered. Mass Effect: AndromedaAttempts to get away from Shepard have had mixed results, but that doesn’t mean a Mass Effect the game needs the same hero to succeed.

An MMO would give players the ability to create their own character – and even choose to play as an alien for the first time. There are a number of intriguing species in the Mass Effect universe, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Seeing the world through the eyes of a non-human would be an interesting start for the franchise and could feature some compelling story arcs. Players could be an asari assassin, a wandering quarian, or even a volus space pirate if the mood took them.

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A multitude of stories to discover

Thanks to Shepard and Ryder, players have already experienced the world of Mass Effect with a focus on the human race. Humanity is a fairly controversial newcomer to the galactic community, and there are some interesting dynamics at play as they attempt to establish their own settlement. While it serves the narrative of previous games well, it would be fun to experience a pre-human interplanetary community before the First Contact War. With humanity out of the equation, it would give the player a whole new societal landscape to navigate in a Mass Effect MMOs.

BioWare wouldn’t necessarily need to eliminate humans to make things happen. There are already many mysterious races, factions and groups that an MMO could highlight to explore the Mass Effect universe and provide players with the ability to shape their unique story. Players could become a member of the Galarian Special Tasks, create their own krogan clan, or even become a Prothean-worshipping hanar on the ocean world of Kah’je.

The Mass Effect the games showcased a thriving and diverse universe, but players still saw relatively little of it. They saw total war, but never had the chance to exist in the galaxy. The societies visited through the games have many levels and would offer players many choices when it comes to the type of life they wish to pursue. There could be conflicts to engage in, planets to explore, factions to join or fight, careers to build, and individual stories to create – all the elements that make up a great MMORPG.

Mass Effect 4 is in development.

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