A Mandalorian MMO Would Be Great, But One Big Thing Would Be Missing

ByJose A. York

May 3, 2022

star wars is undeniably one of the largest and most beloved franchises in history, with so many different types of media coming out of the property that it’s hard to keep track of them all. star wars video games have become almost as well-known as their inspirations on the big screen, with titles spanning multiple genres, settings, and storylines. Newer releases like action-adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order garnered praise for their combat and storytelling approaches, but star wars also has a thriving online multiplayer community with titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and the battle front series. There is no lack of star wars games, both already released and currently in development, but that’s not stopping fans from speculating about new ones.


After Disney acquired star wars, the multimedia giant has overseen the release of many new projects including several successful Disney Plus series. One of the most popular was undoubtedly The Mandalorian, which focused on an enigmatic bounty hunter and his young charge. Now, thanks to the series’ positive reception, there are rumors that an MMO based on The Mandalorian the series could be in preparation. While this is all still speculation at this point, players have still begun to imagine what the game might be like, and what kinds of pitfalls it might encounter.

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Busting the Rumors

After 10 years of EA star wars the exclusivity deal ended last year, renewed interest arose around who would take on the future star wars securities. Lucasfilm Games was created and developers like Quantic Dream and Massive Entertainment announced major new projects like star wars eclipse and an open-world game set in the star wars universe. Despite many star wars games already on the horizon, recent rumors seem to suggest that fans might have one more about to scratch their sci-fi itch.

According to prominent leaker Nick Baker, a Mandalorian MMO is being developed by Zenimax Online Studios exclusively for Xbox. The elder scrolls online The developer has yet to confirm a Star Wars MMO, but a new Zenimax Online Studios IP is currently in the works. While there isn’t much concrete evidence that it’s the Mandalorian-inspired game, the renewed interest in the series and recent rumors have generated a lot of excitement among fans.

What A Mandalorian Game Could Involve

In a galaxy as varied and diverse as star wars, it takes a lot to make the characters stand out. The Mandalorian clan cultural group rose to prominence after Boba Fett’s memorable outings in the original star wars trilogy. The taciturn armored bounty hunter didn’t need to be on screen long for fans to instantly elevate him as a cultural icon, and it seemed inevitable that the Mandalorians would come into more of the spotlight at some time. The Mandalorians have featured in several star wars properties over the years, but Disney’s The Mandalorian really moved them to the fore once again.

The series helped shine a light on the people of Mandalore and their adoptees, and catapulted characters like Din Djarin and her boyfriend Grogu into popular culture. More of their interesting and complex society was explored, and the armor-wearing group – which had always been a fan favorite – featured even more prominently in the star wars cannon. The Mandalorians may have appeared in various star wars games in the past, but they haven’t been the main focus of one yet. Given their intriguing culture, combat-designed aesthetic, and legendary combat prowess, they look like must-have characters for a video game.

An MMO based on The Mandalorian certainly presents many interesting possibilities. The series’ Space Western sensibilities work well both narratively and as part of the star wars universe, and could make a cool red death meets sci-fi mash-up. The galaxy in star wars is vast and steeped in established lore, and has already proven to be an ideal setting for an MMO. Becoming a bounty hunter like the titular Mandalorian and exploring the various worlds in search of marks would be a perfect structure for an MMORPG, and gives players plenty of opportunities to engage with the setting and write their own stories.

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The downsides it might face

The idea of ​​an MMO based on The Mandalorian has a lot of points in his favor, but he could suffer a major setback. star wars may be filled to the brim with aliens and fascinating cultures, but none have managed to dominate the cultural conversation quite like the Jedi. Their iconic weapons and undeniably amazing abilities mean they top every other faction in the galaxy in the opinion of many fans, and there’s a reason almost every piece of star wars the media focused on them or at least featured them. As the Jedi make their appearance in The Mandalorianthe series has deliberately moved away from this aspect of the star wars universe, and it would be hard to imagine the game wanting to reverse that.

Some fans still lament the fate of star wars 1313, which was to follow Boba Fett as he explored the underground levels of Coruscant. The canceled game was supposed to be a mix of bounty hunting and Unexplored, and although it was first revealed a decade ago, it resurfaces from time to time as players wonder what could have been. While there were various reasons why the game was ultimately never finished, it’s telling that the bounty hunter-focused title didn’t quite make it out, especially given how addictive it was. to cover-based fire and weaponry versus Force powers.

While some fans crave star wars became obsessed with the Jedi, Force powers are still some of the funnest things about star wars Games. Not only do they provide more options for character abilities, but they also look pretty cool and can feel ridiculously OP, especially against another Force-sensitive enemy. For better or worse, it’s hard to imagine a star wars game without prominent Jedi characters, and if a mandalorian MMO went ahead without them, it might seem a little insufficient. It would also make it harder for the game to stand out from other action-oriented MMOs with similar combat, despite its dynamic settings.

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