5 Things You Need To Know About MMo Endgame

ByJose A. York

Feb 13, 2022

lost ark rocked the MMO world with a fantastic launch reaching over 900,000 players on Steam. The multi-faceted game has appealed to fans of multiple genres with its flashy combat and spectacular campaign. Amazon Games and Smilegate broke records with the success of Lost Ark signaling a long lifespan for the game.

lost ark is filled with content for players to enjoy in the form of PVE and PVP content, with the crown jewel being endgame MMOs which consists of multiple types of raid-like activities. Players can participate in several challenging activities once they reach level 50. however, the do’s and don’ts can be a bit tricky. Here are a few things about lost arkThe endgame players need to know.

5 Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are an activity in lost ark unlocked after players reach level 50 and access to Vern Castle. Players will enter a “horde mode” type event that pits them against waves of enemies to kill against a decreasing time limit for prestige rewards.

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Chaos Dungeons are one of the few ways players can increase their gear scores to climb lost arkin order to unlock more difficult content. Chaos Dungeons typically involve three stages and sometimes require players to defeat multiple bosses in the same stage.

4 Guardian Raids

Guardian Raids Remind Monster Hunter World’s legendary hunts; players venture into a map and must find and kill the boss monster that resides on the map. This activity unlocks after level 50 and completion of the “Guardian Raid Qualifying” quest. Guardian raids can be done solo or with a team of four; there are several beasts in ascending levels that players can hunt, which will continuously increase their gear score.

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It should be noted that these activities can only be attempted twice per day, just like Chaos Dungeons. Players should also be aware that Guardian Raids limit the use of health potions, resurrections, and have a time limit that gets harder in higher levels, making it harder to kill the Guardian when his health bar is on. health is hidden from players.

3 Engravings

Engravings are a focal point in how players build their characters in lost ark. Most classes and how they play depend on the engravings players unlock for them. There are several ways to unlock and upgrade engravings, one being the use of skill books that an engraving requires in a certain amount before it can be unlocked, and the next being the use of stone player’s ability. Ability Stones roll with a random bonus on a random burn and can be upgraded to push that bonus even higher, but this process is heavily RNG-based. Engravings can be the difference between players unlocking their class’s full potential or falling flat and becoming unable to complete more difficult content.

2 Skill points

Skill points are another commodity that increases the strength of player classes. When leveling up, players will get a fair amount of skill points without trying. Only later in the endgame do skill points become more scarce. Skill bumps make a huge difference as a percentage bonus to damage is highly desired when competing in Guardian Raids or Abyssal Dungeons.

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While skill points are still rewarded as players level up, there is another way to earn skill points in-game via skill point potions. Skill point potions are available as quest rewards scattered throughout lost arkof the world.

1 Ability Stones

Ability Stones are an extremely valuable piece of gear for player builds, especially for late game content in the game. Ability Stones provide a solid boost to player stats while also providing levels in the Engravings. To obtain the ability to equip ability stones, players must complete a mission to learn how to facet ability stones; This quest is located in Luterra Castle via the Stonecutter NPC.

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Ability Stones don’t always roll with the desired burn bonus set, so players will need to complete Chaos Dungeons to farm them and hope for the best. Ability stones can also be upgraded to provide more substantial bonuses, but this process is RNG-based, which involves strategically cutting a stone to raise its level. The risk of enhancing an Ability Stone is to enhance undesirable effects, which will hinder the player character.

Lost Ark is available on PC via Steam

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