10 Best MMO Games For Immersive Role Playing

ByJose A. York

May 21, 2022

MMOs or massively multiplayer online games have come a long way since their origins in the Wild West of MUD and PLATO. However, despite their progress, many modern fans yearn for something outside of the usual World of Warcraft model – something more immersive that really can be called a digital world.

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Over the past few decades, the genre has seen its fair share of experimentation and innovation, but many fans believe the industry currently exists in a valley of repetition and commodification. However, some of the best the genre has to offer break the mold to create a world worth “living” in.

ten Ultima Online was one of the first AND the best

While the title of the world’s first (graphical) MMO technically dates back to the 1991s Nights without winterit was in 1997 Ultimate online which really brought the genre to the forefront of the market. Based on the best-selling RPG series Ultimate by famed British designer Richard Lord Garriott, the MMO has seen players from around the world compete as champions in the fictional lands of Felucca, Trammel and many more. The game focused on maximum player freedom, much like the RPG series it spun off from, and as such led to a treasure trove of stories and stories of heroes, villains, and economic disasters. .

9 EverQuest offers early 2000s nostalgia

EverQuest popular with young millennials. For many, it was their first MMORPG. While the game has had its fair share of sequels and updates, it’s the original that allows for the most set-up and player immersion. Speaking of sequels, the release of EverQuest 2 would be one of many early learning curves of the genre that would lead to the game’s eventual downfall. Despite this, it’s still up and running, with official and private servers allowing players to relive their time battling in one of the best games ever made.

8 Star Trek Online Asks What Players Need With A Spaceship

“What does God need with a spaceship”? These are the immortally corny words spoken by James T. Kirk in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier when he encounters a mysterious entity posing as the big G upstairs. While the use of a personal spacecraft is questionable for an omnipotent deity, Cryptic Studios star trek online more than answers to this question for the more bodily inclined.

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Initially criticized for being too action-packed for a series focused on diplomacy and negotiation, the 2010 title saw players sit in the big chair with their own deck, officers, and custom ships. While the narrative has few choices for players, the aesthetic is full of options. Whether it’s making friends as a bridge crew or trying to create the perfect Grand Admiral Thrawn for his tactical captain, STO proves that the real ultimate frontier is the range of its phaser banks.

seven Final Fantasy XIV is all about glamor

The shoes of the beloved Final Fantasy XI were big to fill. When Final Fantasy XIV was first published, it failed to fill them, then some. Thankfully, after years of updates, the game has gone from being the laughingstock of the industry to wow menacing titan. While it operates in the age-old system of “go somewhere, kill something, level up, go somewhere new”, it also features a plethora of unique content ranging from mini-games, events, communities led by players and fashion shows. . Glamor is an in-game system by which players can customize their appearance, and since its insertion into the world of Eorzea, it’s been a major selling point.

6 EVE Online gives users the ultimate capitalist nightmare

If being space Elon Musk is his dream, EVE online is there to provide. For all Ferengi wannabes around the world, STANDBY gives players their own tools to become a true monopoly power in the galaxy. Joking aside, STANDBY is an incredible game that allows players dramatic freedom and agency to an extent that few others can match. Wars – where thousands of real-world dollars have been lost – are nothing new in the long-running universe. One of the most expensive listed damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, this should not intimidate anyone. There is always the possibility that a new player will be the one to go from zero to hero.

5 World of Warcraft (Classic) is a given, but for a reason

World of Warcraft is a cut-and-paste model for the industry, but the game has earned that right. Although modern wow bleeds players out faster than a Demonology Warlock’s DPS, the classic version of the game has maintained a somewhat stable community that loves and adores what it considers to be the golden years of the franchise. While Blizzard and Activision seem pretty irredeemable today, they were once some of the best and most respected creators in the industry. Most already know wow is an option, but it has earned that popularity and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand…unless its creators abuse their staff.

4 Champions Online still beats DCUO

Long ago, in the old days of 2004, there lived a beloved MMO titled city ​​of heroes. It granted players a deep customization system that allowed them to not only create the millionth Deadpool the game had seen that day, but a Deadpool that, in an inevitably small way, showed a part of the player that left them. had created. So CoH deceased.

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Online Champions was billed as a throwback to the heyday of the mid-2000s with wild customization and fun tongue-in-cheek storytelling that allowed players to create everything from their power set to their nemesis. Online Champions has become heavily monetized lately, but compared to other superhero MMOs DC Universe Onlineit’s (at least in RPG terms) no contest.

3 RuneScape may be old school, but it’s everywhere

As Loss Where Skyrimthe original “Old School” edition of Runescape has been ported to almost every device imaginable. While not the most engaging or immersive MMOs per se, playing the mobile version while watching something is a great way to kill time. There are old and massive RPG communities as well as plenty of helpful gamers ready to give newcomers their finest cape. Don’t trust ALL players. With such an old game, some people have gotten really good at rigging the system. Just don’t give gold offering a thousand in return.

2 Guild Wars 2 lets players fight massive battles

As the name suggests, Guild Wars 2 is all about community. Rather than solo gofer quests like wow, guild wars relies on multi-player events that anyone can attend. Forming bonds and creating massive guilds is literally the name of the game. While not boasting deep customization on the same level as STO Where Online Champions, it still offers a solid way for players to create themselves, their ideal selves, or Deadpool. It also has, arguably, the best combat of any MMO on this list, which makes the usual grind more enjoyable.

1 Star Wars Galaxies took users on their first steps

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an excellent MMO with a wonderful player base and a fantastic level of storytelling that most others can’t match. However, what one cannot do is play the role of a Wookiee dancer earning tips at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Star Wars Galaxies was a truly community-driven experience where healing, repairs, and purchases were all handled, not by idle NPCs, but by other players who decided to specialize in a crafter or performer skill instead than a run and gun style of play. Everything changed when wow hit the scene, and after several massive fixes, the game was barely recognizable as it once was. Despite their death, there has been a boom in private servers emulating any kind of Galaxies the experience a gamer could want. With over 1000 regular players on most popular, it’s almost like things are back in the 2000s. Now, if only city ​​of heroes could receive the same treatment.